Live to Tell – 2021

Reflecting as 2020 ends, and like every year before, there were things that were not fitting or without pain. Unimaginable loss, and heartache. Health challenges, financial difficulties, and that which was unexpected. But what are we grateful for? There are many moments, trials, and experiences that have also bought life, joy, and an ability to overcome those very incidents that were not favorable.

Perhaps we should not look at 2021 as an entire year ahead, but rather live each moment as stepping stones, leading to an opportunity. We really do have the strength within to defeat what challenges we encounter. Some will require more strength than they knew they had, but when confronted, each has the ability to make a stand and prevail.

The elders in our families did the very same. They lived, and they told us their stories. Each family had it’s story of adversity and suffering, many only remembered that, but each story also had its achievements and successes. In reality; doesn’t it depend on the teller and the listener? How will you welcome your moments? Do not forget where you have come from, it cannot be changed, but it is in those lessons we learn. What matters most, is how you live now. You have been gifted with all the truths you have lived, and your story will be heard one day. Be the teller who showed the courage to overcome, so that those who listen are gifted the same.

For my family and friends, I am grateful for you and ALL that we share. If there is one word I could choose for each of us to live by, it would be PEACE.

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